“We are growing up with our teammates.

At Ekokat, we know that the key to our success is our valuable colleagues. The ability of qualified workforce to match relevant positions is the most important asset of our success. In this sense, we define our the profile of our employees as an expert in his/her respective profession, open to innovations, conforming to ethical values, being responsible, and willing to create added value.


Recruitment and Orientation

At Ekokat Construction Chemicals, the recruitment process is based on modern selection and evaluation methods in due consideration of our vision, mission, values,and objectives if we have any need in relevant position. The process ends with the placement in relevant positions of such candidates who would add value to our company, make a difference with their qualities, and have tendencies that foster the values ​​of our company.

Valuable candidates fill out a job application form and career management documents when they come for a recruitment meeting. Initial interviews are conducted by our competent human resources specialists. With the first phase, it is intended to identify candidates' qualifications, prior work experience and whether their experience suit the position concerned. Under light of these details, a discussion is held with the manager of the relevant department. Candidates considered positive by the human resources specialists and the relevant departmental manager are included in our team if an agreement is reached on remuneration.


Performance Management

The performance levels of our team members are monitored and observed by the relevant departmental managers throughout the year. At the end of the year, the status of each individual employee is determined with respect to his/her personal and organizational targets. As a result of this assessment, areas where our employees suffer any weakness are identified and trainings are provided in these areas.

Educational Information
Job Experience