Cement Based, Fully Elastic, Two-Component Water Insulation Slurry


It is a double component waterproofing mortar that is cement-based, contains emulsion polymer liquid component, mineral aggregates, and chemical additives to increase product performance, has a capillary effect, is effective against capillary surface waters, can be applied at interior and exterior surfaces, is a fully elastic, and can be smeared. It conforms to TS EN 14891 / April 2013 standard.


Appearance Component A: Grey powder          Component B: White liquid
Mixing Ratio 20 kg powder / 10 kg liquid
Amount of Consumption 2 kg / m2 (For a thickness of 1 mm)
Application Temperature +5 oC to +35 oC
Rest Time Between Coats 5-6 hours
Time Until Complete Freezing 21 days
Toxicity Non-toxic
Water Impermeability 5 bars
Duration Before Availability 1.50 kg/dm3 on average
Mortar Density average 1.50 kg/dm3
Splice Strength > 0.5 N/mm2 (TS EN 14891 )
Crack Bridging ≥ 0.75 mm ( + 20 oC ), ≥ 0.5 mm (- 20 oC )
Capillary Water Absorption ≤ 0.10 kg/ ( m2h0.5 ) ( TS EN 1602-3 )
Reference Standard Type: CM, Class: OP
• The above values ​​are valid for + 23°C and 50% relative humidity. The time is shortened at high temperatures and extended at low temperatures.


The product can be used on all wet floors of buildings, terraces, balconies, bathrooms and toilets, foundations, curtain walls, retaining walls, and water tanks. It can be safely applied on gross concrete, cement-based plaster and alum surfaces both horizontally and vertically at interior and exterior spaces.


It is easy to prepare and apply. It gives proper working time. It does not lead to drift at vertical applications. It has high adhesion properties. It is resistant to freeze-thaw cycling. It can be applied with a brush or a trowel. Due to its crystallization, it gives full waterproofing by filling capillaries. It protects concrete and equipments from water corrosion.


Before starting the insulation process, the surface should be cleaned from foreign matters and get moistened. Defects on the application surface should be fixed with EKOKAT REPAIR THN, which is a repair mortar. The application surface should be saturated with water one day in advance and the product should be applied when it is moist. 20 kg of EKOKAT AQUA WP-2C FE waterproofing mortar is poured slowly into 10 kg of liquid component, and then mixed with a low speed mixer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. It is mixed again after a rest time of 5 minutes. Corner joints present at places of application are ovalized. It is applied as three coats on pre-moistened surface with a brush or a trowel. Each coat should be applied perpendicular to each other. If the first coat has reached an adequate hardness without losing its water and before crystallization has commenced, then the second coat is applied. This time is 5-6 hours depending on ambient temperature. Application should be done within 20-25 minutes. Do not apply at temperatures above + 35 ° C or below + 5 ° C. Application areas should be allowed to rest for at least 3-7 days before they are allowed for use or are covered. These values are valid for a surface and ambient temperature of 23oC. The time is shortened at high temperatures and extended at low temperatures.


The product is not applied to surfaces such as metal, wood, chipboard and so on. The product is not applied against negative water pressure. It should not be left exposed on surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight.


It conforms to TS EN 14891 / April 2013 standard. It is a water-proofing product with resistance to contact with chlorine-containing water, and also with crack-bridging capability, which is applied in the form of a cementitious liquid under standard conditions and low temperatures. TYPE: CM, CLASS: OP


1. Component:: 20 kg Craft Bag Containing Component A
2. Component: 10 kg Plastic Jerrycan Containing Component B 


Brush, trowel, hand mixer 


No more than two palettes should be placed on top of each other in their unopened original packaging, in a cool and dry environment. Shelf life is 12 months from date of production under suitable storage conditions.


Work clothes, protective gloves, goggles and masks suitable for workers health and safety should be used during the application. Due to irritant effects of uncured material, it should be washed with plenty of water and soap immediately in case of contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. No food and drink should be brought into application areas. Store it out of reach of children. Please refer to the safety data sheet for further information. 


Our Company may not be held liable for any application errors that might be suffered if the product is not used for its intended purposes, or if it is failed to conform to the conditions and proposals specified above regarding technical application. This technical data sheet contains information that is current as of the date of issuance hereof. The manufacturer hereby reserves its right to change this data sheet at any time.

It conforms to TS EN 14891 standard.

  • EK 5002.010.30
  • Grey
  • EK 5002.020.30
  • White
Application Thickness (mm)
Area ( m2 )